Elisenda Vila​

The story behind the paintings: 

This lovely starling was seen in the canals of north London whilst going for a walk with my friends. 

Koi II. 75 x 60 cm. Oil on canvas

2015. £400

Irish Crow. 40 x 50 cm. Oil on canvas

2015. £250

Fishes and sea creatures

Natural World

Koi fishes

Starling. 50 x 50 cm. Oil on canvas

2016. £300

Koi fish. 50 x 50 cm. Oil on canvas

2015. Private Collection

The story behind the paintings: 

During May 2014 I went to visit Ireland with my parents. It was wonderful, so green and full of natural life. We could see some gulls in Dublin, by the river, like the one on the left. The background represent the Liffey, at its pass through the city.

In our pass by the lovely town of Adare, an Heritage Town, we had our lunch in the park in front of the Tourist Centre. There a lot of crows gathered around us trying to get some breadcrumbs out of us. They were lovely and we ended up giving them our spare food. 

Irish Gull. 40 x 50 cm. Oil on canvas

2015. £250

Birds and sky creatures

The story behind the paintings: 

In 2004 I went to Madeira. I immediately felt in love with the island. It was full of greenery, parks and pound. A lot of those exuberant parks were of Japanese inspiration. There I saw massive goldfishes in pounds. Massive Goldfishes!!! I didn't know that such creatures existed. I was chocked and amazed. So, now that I was painting my series of fishes and sea creatures I decides painted them, the Koi. 

Koi fish. 80 x 60 cm. Oil on canvas

2015. £400

The story behind the paintings: 

In 2012 I went to the Aquarium of Barcelona with my best friend and also an artist, Emma Sató, and her family. Her daughter was two years old by the time. She stared at the colourful fishes and other creatures with fascination. So, I was driven to observe the creatures with her eyes, as something new. I found them wonderful and really amazing. After one year I did some scuba diving, as I used to do in my university times. Then I saw again the Mediterranean fishes and I was finally driven to paint them, as I saw them in my mind, in their colourful surroundings, full of life and brightness. 

I have aways loved the sea. I suppose that is because I was born by the Mediterranean Sea, and I cannot imagine a summer without the salty water surrounding me. Magic places such as Menorca, Peniscola and La Costa Brava are part of my DNA now. I love swimming and diving. As a child I used to be transformed into a Mermaid every time I was diving, my tail was purple, blue and pink.
When I was studying Archaeology I learned Scuba Diving. And I loved it, entering this other world. Around 71% of our planet is covered by water, but we still don't know much of its life and systems. So colourful some times, so scary and gigantic others. When I am dawn there, diving, I can completely relax, forget about my every day life. I am in harmony.

This harmony is what inspired this series of paintings. In them I use a combination of abstract and gesture approach with a detailed and ancient oil painting techniques. I hope you enjoy the result as much as I do.