Elisenda grew up in a little village surrounded by natural landscapes where she started to be curious about the wild beauty. When she was 17 she took part in her first collective exhibition in Barcelona. At 19 she moved to Barcelona where she became a Fine Arts Graduate for the University of Barcelona.  

After some years dedicated to Archaeology and Museology, she started teaching art and exhibiting around Catalonia. In 2011, she moved to London where she developed her artwork, immersed in a vibrant atmosphere of culture, meeting actors, artists and musicians who inspired her. In November 2016 she moved back to Barcelona, to continue her artistic career. Elisenda was finalist at the ArtGemini Prize 2013 and at the 1st Visual Arts Awards at the Embassy of Brazil 2015.

The main characteristic of her paintings is a rich and exotic use of the colour. She combines textures and expressive gesture with the versatility of representative oil painting techniques. Her style is somehow figurative, strongly influenced by conceptual theories and surrealist artists. In her paintings she explore ordinary people, animals and situations inspired by her daily experiences to present them in a new way, as something extraordinary.

Elisenda Vila​